Our Board


Victor Siret

Hi ! I’m Victor, I joined AEGEE a year ago, but in fact have had friends in AEGEE for a very long time. Let me tell you, I didn’t know what I was missing. I love Europe, meeting people and languages, I care about what’s below the surface, to go beyond stereotypes and experience as many things as possible, I want to be rich not with money but moments, and I now see AEGEE was the perfect way to achieve that goal.

Fun fact : I speak 5 languages, with proficiencies ranging from great, to awful !


Augustin Viot


Lila Quaile

I’m Lila, treasurer of the new AEGEE-Paris board. I joined the association about two and a half years ago and never quit since ! I study public European affairs and would like to work on influence strategies.

Fun fact : I am extremely scared of birds, find them repugnant and cannot be within ten meters of them !


Johanna Molotoala

Hola !! I’m Johanna, now secretary of AEGEE-Paris ! I discovered AEGEE five years ago thanks to a friend. For me AEGEE stands as the best way to embrace European citizenship, conociendo gente de toda Europea. In life, I am a law student but with AEGEE I’ve had the chance to travel and organise events, practice languages, exchange and debate on current events, meet other young Europeans, attend trainings and more !

Fun fact : I am a part of 5 different antennas.

Board Members in charge of Events and Communication

Mounia Bouayad

Marie Gosnet

I am Marie. I discovered AEGEE through the creation of AEGEE-Angers antenna. A friend from Erasmus participated in creating this new antenna. We met in Poland, in Torun, during our Erasmus in 2017-2018. Then, it was important for us to follow our experience and take part in the development of exchange between Europeans students. So, I decided to apply AEGEE Paris. I wish to contribute to the local development in 2020, especially through the organization of cultural events.

Anaïs Komar

It is hard to say in a few words. I could talk about my studies… But who the hell cares ? I joined AEGEE in 2018 because I had just come back from an exchange and I needed to be in contact with internationally connected people.
Finding out more about the world we live in is my passion. Wether from fictional words from books, songs for musicals, new languages or new acquaintances.
My fun fact : recently, I acted as the Joker during an impro with another association. It seems I was very good… Gotham, beware !

Sasha Eremina

Born in Russia, it is only at the ripe age of 11 that I arrived in France. What a pleasure it was to discover a new language and culture in all its wonderful details and specificities… It’s difficult to understand as a child why one has to do ten thousand “bises” per day, to enjoy a cheese that smells like an old sock and to get used to the oddity that is “verlan” or the dozen of French accents… But once you have – you truly learn to appreciate diversity, to love intercultural exchange, or at least – it was my case. So, today, mastering over five languages and having travelled over most of Europe, I want to continue amplifying my international network and to weave a beautiful net of relationships all over the world. Interculturalism is a thirst that never dies.