Our Board


Anaïs Komar

It  is hard to say in a few words. I could talk about my studies… But who the hell cares ? I joined AEGEE in 2018 because I had just come back from an exchange and I needed to be in contact with internationally connected people.
Finding out more about the world we live in is my passion. Whether from fictional words from books, songs for musicals, new languages or new acquaintances.
My fun fact : recently, I acted as the Joker during an impro with another association. It seems I was very good… Gotham, beware!


Maréva Ho-Van-Truc

Hi everyone ! 🌱 I am Maréva, 26 years old, from Normandy. I joined the AEGEE Network on my way back to my university exchange.🌍 I found a new international family transcending the borders and always keen to meet new people from all over the world ! Fun fact about me : I am studying Russian cinema (you should try it 🤩) !


Antoine Fau

Holà a todos! 😁 I’m Antoine, 22 years old, I’m part of the AEGEE adventure since last year. My interests are wide, I like talking with people and discovering their personality, learning foreign languages, eating lots of meals from different cultures and especially sleeping after watching a Netflix series 🙂 Sometimes dreamy and optimistic, I always like to give others a smile 😃


Louise Landemaine

Hello ! 👋🏻 I’m Louise, 21 years old, from Paris (native of Angers🏰 ). Passionate about sports, music, fashion and above all travel, I am a true adventurer who never stops wanting to discover🌍🤩 . I joined AEGEE for its openingon the international, these evenings and especially for meetings.

Board Assistant(s)


Adrien Cassar

Hi! Since high school, I felt like a European citizen (thanks to several language exchanges), and for years now, I’ve gradually become aware that in fact, like everyone else, I am a citizen of the World! I need (and not only want) to stay in touch with other countries and cultures because that’s how I learned so much in the past. Therefore, I want to continue to discover and grow with others and of course. That’s what drives me to do my best for this association and all the stakeholders!


Thanaël Fontaine

Hi everyone! My name is Thanaël I’m 20 years old, I’m from Reunion Island 🇷🇪 I like to learn no matter what field 📚 (computer science, management, etc…) 🦾 And if you are looking to make impactful encounters, discover, exchange and if you are curious about all the possibilities offered by Europe 🌍 Then join AEGEE Paris