Our Board


Augustin Viot

Hi, my name is Augustin, I am the president of the AEGEE Paris branch. I discovered AEGEE two years ago through other European associations. I studied engineering, and I’m now a PhD student in artificial intelligence. I joined AEGEE because it allows me to meet new people from all over Europe, to travel, to learn and perfect foreign languages, and to party.


Anaïs Komar

It  is hard to say in a few words. I could talk about my studies… But who the hell cares ? I joined AEGEE in 2018 because I had just come back from an exchange and I needed to be in contact with internationally connected people.
Finding out more about the world we live in is my passion. Whether from fictional words from books, songs for musicals, new languages or new acquaintances.
My fun fact : recently, I acted as the Joker during an impro with another association. It seems I was very good… Gotham, beware!


Maréva Ho-Van-Truc

Hello everyone! Recently a student in Paris, I joined the AEGEE team on my return from the United States (university exchange). Following this experience rich in encounters with people from all walks of life, I would like to continue to interact with a multitude of profiles in France, Europe, or internationally. I am eager to promote French culture and to learn all the richness of the countries of the world through the meetings and events of the association. Weird fact about me: I love Russian cinema! Yesyes it’s exciting, I assure you!


Mohamed Bedraoui

My name is Mohamed, I am the secretary of AEGEE Paris. I discovered the association less than two years ago by pure chance while talking with people in the Social Bar (big up to our vice-president!!). When I started my career as an engineer more than two years ago, I had set myself the challenge of visiting one European country per month! The discovery of AEGEE was the perfect opportunity to keep my wings flapping and discover Europe.

Board Assistant(s)

Communication Assistant

Yasmine Oueslati

Hello! So, all you need to know about me is that I love to work in an international and intercultural context.
That’s why I study foreign languages and international business.
I also studied communication, which is why I chose to join the team as a communication manager.
And to put into practice everything I like to do; I joined AEGEE which will also allow me to meet European people and the little bonus of travelling in Europe in order to tick off as many countries as possible on my ‘world travel bucket list’.