European Love Tour

Some will say love is international.
Dating, Flirting, Kissing , are part of the language of love.
But the truth is there is no one way to love. There is no wrong or right way. Everyone can just make up one’s own rules.
AEGEE-Paris’ European Love Tour makes you discover the cultural differences when it comes to date , flirt and make love
More than just an event we will make an experience, compare and share our views when it comes to love and be in a relationship.


Cultures Discovery Tour

Two locals face each other in a cultural competition 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻 organized by AEGEE-Paris.

They introduce you to their food 🍽, traditions, history, and stereotypes 👀 thanks to games, quizzes and original presentations 😇

You will learn, share and play with each other 🤓

Representatives of the two invited AEGEE antennas present their city, culture, country, heritage, traditions, and association through fun activities. Each session is presented in the form of a friendly competition between participants to make the event more entertaining. Two antennas compete to win several awards (“best quiz”, “best city to party”, …)


Nutrition in the age of climate change

Do you want to know the impact food has on our planet? 🍽️ 🌍

Are you a meat-eater but you are curious about vegetarian or vegan alternatives? 🥗 🍆 🍋

Do you follow a plant-based diet and you want to share your experience with other AEGEEans? 💬

Then you can’t miss our event Nutrition in the Age of Climate Change!!

The Climate Emergency Working Group, the Sustainability Committee, AEGEE-Madrid Sustainability Working Group, AEGEE-Paris, AEGEE-Lyon and AEGEE-Torino have come together to prepare a great quiz, a discussion on these topics, and to find solutions to the nutritional challenges we will propose with a group of fantastic AEGEEans! 😋